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Local Domestic Delivery

Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics Limited domestic delivery are able to deliver at any location within the country. We have a 24 hours  standard tracking system to keep our clients updated about their goods. We provide haulage and tracking services within the country.

Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics Limited also makes provision for Final home delivery services in foreign countries, with different partners network worldwide. Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics is currently expanding her domestic delivery services to other West African countries, this being part of an establishing vision of Redoxcorp .

Aircraft charter service
Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics Limited provides aircraft charter services and make available for booking various sizes of cargo airplane at clients demand.

All operational and administrative staffs are always present to assist in arrival, departure, and loading of the aircraft.

E-logistics – All logistics services/operations at Redoxcorp are automated and are run through a robust and dynamic web application to optimize time and resources. Our IT teams are always available to ensure the smooth running of this department.


A Free Consultation

For a Better Handling And Swift Delivery Of your Cargo, You Can Always Trust Redoxcorp For Effective And Safe Delivery Of your Cargo to your clients. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service. Speak with us, let’s kick start our promise with you.

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