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Port Handling

This segment is equipped with all necessary structures to freight cargo in and out of the major hub station. Excellent air freight, sea freight, and tracking services across the world.

Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics limited cargo service are deployed to our clients according to the IATA standards. We bring simplicity and confidence to our customers.


Our professional and well-trained personnel take the custom clearance and documentation burden off customers. Museum certificates are issued to ease artifact exports, re-importation certificates for repairs and return of equipment, NAFDAC certificates, etc.

At Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics Limited, we provide everything your business needs to gain a competitive edge in today’s evolving transportation environment.


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For a Better Handling And Swift Delivery Of your Cargo, You Can Always Trust Redoxcorp For Effective And Safe Delivery Of your Cargo to your clients. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service. Speak with us, let’s kick start our promise with you.

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